DASHTalks are like TEDTalks in style, if a bit more substantive. They explain the scholar’s research and creation methods in pithy and provocative language. They tell audiences why this work is possible only in 2014, and why it’s important — not only to the researcher, but also to the faculty, the university, and the community at large.

For information, contact the co-organizers: Murray McGillivray and Michael Ullyot.

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Tuesday, 28 January, 3:00 to 4:30, TFDL Gallery Hall

  1. Richard Sigurdson, Dean of Arts: Welcoming Remarks
  2. Meaghan Brierly/Edna Einsiedel: “DNA Art: Geneticization and Representations of Techno-Identity”
  3. Peter Dawson/Richard M. Levy: “Digitally Preserving Polar Heritage at Risk in Canada’s Arctic”
  4. Jerry Hushlak: “Digital Dance”
  5. Brendan Kredell: “Cinema and the City in the Post-Industrial US: DH Methods”
  6. X. Jie Yang: “Digital Approaches to Medieval Japanese Picture Scrolls”
  7. John Aycock: “A Transforming Experience”

Wednesday, 29 January, 1:30 to 3:00, TFDL 403

  1. Stefania Forlini; “The Stuff of Science-Fiction: An Experiment in Literary History”
  2. Kenneth Brown: “”Pixels, Inverse Fourier Transform, 3-D, Resolution of Light, and the Secrets of Spanish Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Literature”
  3. Michael Ullyot: “The Zeugmatic: Automatic Detection of Rhetorical Figures”
  4. Amanda Williams/Delia Dumitrica: “To MOOC or Not to MOOC: An Actor-Network Appraisal of Massive Open Online Courses in Canadian Post-Secondary Education”
  5. Nicole Wyatt/Richard Zach: “The Open Logic Project”

Friday, 31 January, 1:30 to 3:00, TFDL 440 A & D

  1. Robin Furr: “Increasing Formal Elements in Digital Animation”
  2. Murray McGillivray: “A Digital Surrogate for a Medieval Manuscript”
  3. Thomas O’Neill: “The Virtual Team Performance, Innovation, and Collaboration Laboratory”
  4. James Parker: “Virtual Theatre”
  5. Patrick Finn: “The Cube Project: A Study in Object-Oriented Performance”

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